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Welcome to the BatteryEliminatorKits.com Education Center where you can learn more about Battery Eliminator Kits and Accessories. Below is a list of topics we discuss here in our education center. If you don't see a topic you would like to see discussed, feel free to drop us a note at Support@BatteryEliminatorKits.com.

  • What are Battery Eliminator Kits
  • Determining What You Need
  • Powering Mutiple Electronic Devices
  • Powering Remote Electronic Devices
  • Powering High-Power Electronic Devices
  • Electronic Devices Requiring Multiple Battery Eliminator Kits
  • Powering Noise-Sensitive Electronic Devices
  • AAA, AA, C, D and 9V Batteries
  • Anatomy of an AC-DC Wall Power Adapter
  • Anatomy of Active Dummy Cell Batteries
  • Anatomy of Passive Dummy Cell Batteries

Watch This Video for a Typical Battery Eliminator Kit Application in a Moving Flame LED Candle

What are Battery Eliminator Kits

Finally! An alternative and economical way to power your flameless LED candles and other electronic devices that gobble up expensive batteries!

Our battery eliminator kits are the perfect solution for replacing batteries in flameless LED candles and other electronic devices that are heavily used or left on for extended periods of time. These kits are designed to replace batteries in electronic devices that use AAA, AA, C or D cell batteries, 9V batteries, or various types of button & coin cell batteries. Stop changing out dead batteries and start saving money! Stop worrying about whether your battery powered electronic devices are turned off or in the timer mode!

Each battery eliminator kit comes with an AC to DC wall power adapter, an active dummy cell battery that goes into one of the spaces in the battery compartment and hooks up to the power adapter, and 1 or more passive dummy cell batteries that go into the other spaces in the battery compartment and complete the circuit. A thin flat flexible cable runs from the active dummy cell battery to the AC to DC wall power adapter, so the original battery compartment cover can still be used!

Since our AC to DC wall power adapters can supply more power than is needed for a single flameless LED candle, you can power multiple electronic devices with a single power adapter with our optional power splitter cables which are available in 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 5-way, 6-way and 8-way. We also sell power extension cables for powering electronic devices that are located some distance away from the AC to DC wall power adapter.

The power cables can easily be hidden behind furniture, plants, and under tablecloths, rugs, decorative snow, etc. Additional accessories are also available such as replacement & additional active and passive dummy cell batteries, and AC to DC wall power adapters.

The visible components in our battery eliminator kits and accessories are available in a standard black color, and most of our kits and accessories are also available in a special white color in order to better blend in with white or lighter colored decors.

Determining What You Need
Determining which battery eliminator kit you need is easy! Simply look inside of the battery compartment of your electronic device to determine the size and number of batteries you want to eliminate! For example, if your flameless LED candle or electronic device uses 2 x D cell batteries, then you would need our battery eliminator kit designed to eliminate 2 x D cell batteries (part #: 2D-ELIMINATOR-KIT or 2D-ELIMINATOR-KIT-WHITE). It’s that easy! This kit includes the following:

  • 1 x D Active Dummy Cell Battery
  • 1 x D Passive Dummy Cell Battery
  • 1 x 100VAC-240VAC to 3.3VDC@1A AC to DC Wall Power Adapter
  • Available in Either Black or White ("-WHITE" Suffix)

Powering Multiple Electronic Devices
Since the AC to DC wall power adapters in our battery eliminator kits can supply up to 1A of output current, they can supply power to multiple electronic devices! For example, suppose you want to power 3 x flameless LED candles, and each candle uses 2 x D batteries. You would only need to purchase a single 2 x D battery eliminator kit since you can power the other 2 flameless LED candles with the single AC to DC wall power adapter included in the kit. In addition to the kit, you would need to purchase a 3-way power splitter cable, 2 x D active dummy cell batteries, and 2 x passive dummy cell batteries. Also, if the flameless LED candles aren't in close proximity to each other, then we have power extension cables available in a variety of lengths. Summarizing what you would need:

  • 3-Way Power Splitter Cable (1X3-SPLITTER-CABLE)
  • 2 x D Active Dummy Cell Batteries (D-ACTIVE-DUMMY)
  • 2 x D Passive Dummy Cell Batteries (D-PASSIVE-DUMMY)
  • Optional Power Extension Cables (e.g., 3P3FT-EXTENSION-CABLE