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Outdoor Battery Eliminator Kits (No Solar Panel) Solar Battery Eliminator Kits (Includes Solar Panel)
Solar & Outdoor Battery Eliminator Kits Coming Soon!

  • Solar Battery Eliminator Kits Replace Conventional Alkaline or Lithium Batteries in Outdoor Electronic Devices Eliminating the Need to Constantly be Changing Out Dead Batteries. Stop Worrying About When to Replace Your Batteries, and Eliminate Downtime When Dead Batteries Go Unnoticed
    • Eliminate up to 8 x AAA, AA, C or D Alkaline or Lithium Batteries
    • Eliminates a Single 9V Alkaline or Lithium Battery
  • Power to Electronic Device is Supplied by a Solar Panel with Built-In 18650, 3.7VDC, Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
    • Solar Panel Charges Batteries During Daytime Sunshine, so Electronic Devices Can Operate When Cloudy and Throughout the Night
    • Additional Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries Can be Added to Increase Solar Panel’s Energy Storage Capacity for Powering Multiple or Higher Power Electronic Devices
  • Conventional Batteries are Replaced by the Appropriate Battery Eliminator Kit Consisting of the Appropriate Size and Number of Dummy Cell Batteries Which Serve to Properly Supply Power from the Solar Panel to the Electronic Device
  • Solar Panel's Output Voltage is Selected to Match the Voltage Required by the Electronic Device
    • Based on the Quantity (1-8) of Conventional Batteries Used in the Electronic Device
  • Mounting Hardware Options Available for Mounting the Solar Panel to Various Surfaces Like Trees, House & Building Walls, Wooden Posts & Panels, Yard & Ground Stakes/Spikes, Tripods, Etc.
  • Meets the Demands and Rigors of the Outdoor Environment – Temperature, Moisture, Rain & Water, Dust & Dirt, Sunlight, Etc.
    • Solar Panel and Battery Eliminator Kit Components are IP66 Rated
    • M12-1.75 Screw Connectors are IP66 Rated
  • Solar Battery Eliminator Kits are Practical, Reliable, and Affordable Solutions for Replacement of Conventional Batteries in Outdoor Electronic Devices